Brand Free has been specially developed working closely with Justin Metcalf, a former Australian World Barista Judge.


A premium coffee blend ideal for espresso based speciality drinks. Brand Free features 40% Rainforest Alliance coffee from Brazil. This is a rich and diverse blend of coffee varieties from four continents. Roasted to medium-dark profile this blend delivers full body, depth of flavour and consistently satisfying extraction. Developed to be robust and reliable in performance, this coffee a perfect choice.

Blend Origins

Brazil – Solid body, medium acidity. Medium contribution to sweetness and caramelic notes.

Ethiopia – Light sweetness, solid body and top fruit notes.

Honduras - solid body, solid contribution to sweetness and chocolate notes.

Vietnam - stable thick crema and penetration through high milk coffees.


Rainforest Alliance

The Rainforest Alliance seal of approval guarantees the ecosystems around the coffee farm are protected. But it's not all about the plants. It's good news for the people too, as it ensures all employees are fully trained and have access to safe working conditions, proper sanitation, health care and housing.